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Initially in 1985 to meet the growing demand of Fabric dyeing of the garment exporter in the country, the board of directors took the initiative of setting up a dyeing factory at 8 isdair road, Narayangonj with all necessary machinery and equipment needed to fulfill the requirements of the garment manufacturer & exporter. After gathering experience in dyeing sector a sewing factory was established in 1995 with only 80 sewing and 6 knitting machines which merged with dyeing factory and was named Noor Sewing & Dyeing Ltd. Till 1995 the mother company has been manufacturing and exporting ready made knit garment to Italy, France, UK and Denmark.

In 2004 the board decided to setup another 100% export oriented knit garment composite plant just one kilometer away from Noor Sewing & Dyeing Ltd. At 160 Shashongaon, Enayetnagor, Fatullah, Narayangonj and was named Mother Color Ltd. The new factory has been built and managed according to GTZ (Germany) rules and guidelines under supervision of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Exporters Association (BKMEA).   

About us

In the very initial stage of Garments sector the board of directors has been decided to set up a 100% compliance factory when they are in the middle stage of running the business in garments sector and the name & style is Noor Sewing & Dyeing Ltd. finaly the dreams come true when they started to build the factory in 160 Shashongaon, Enayetnagor, Fatulla, Narayanganj.

All the members of the board of directors are well expert in their respective fields. By dint of honesty, hard working and sincerely Mother Color Ltd. has become a well reputed industry in Garments Sector. Quality production, punctuality in shipment and honest adherence to the business ethics are the Moto of the company. In the year of 2009 the company is getting ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Its principal’s buyers are the reputed & esteemed of Europe.

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Why Mother Color

We have successfully completed a number of projects under venture with excellent satisfaction of our conterparts.

We always keep an eye on your production on behalf of you.

We have good knitting facilities and World Class Dyeing and Compacting Technologies.

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Address   :160 Shashongaon, Enayetnagor,                          Fatullah, Narayangonj, Bangladesh
Telephone:88-02-7671678, 88-02-7672371-72,                          88-02-7672585.

FAX            :88-02-7670066

E-mail        : info@mothercolor.com