The entire management is run by Managing Director and the Chairman of Mother Color Ltd.  That’s the reason to make  Mother color Ltd different than any other company. We can make  quick decision and do the work faster maintaining  quality.
 Managing Director has unique knowledge and extreme capability on nit and garment  division. Mother Color Ltd has  maximum employee of young age. They are modern and                                                 have the capability to handle anything regarding these.





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Why Mother Color

We have successfully completed a number of projects under venture with excellent satisfaction of our conterparts.

We always keep an eye on your production on behalf of you.

We have good knitting facilities and World Class Dyeing and Compacting Technologies.

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Address   :160 Shashongaon, Enayetnagor,                          Fatullah, Narayangonj, Bangladesh
Telephone:88-02-7671678, 88-02-7672371-72,                          88-02-7672585.

FAX            :88-02-7670066